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Why Coaching?









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Goofy Good Cropped_edited





Coaching is about helping people get from where they are now
to where they want to be.

A basic coaching framework will:

1.  Clarify what you REALLY want -- YOUR vision for YOUR future.

2.  Assess where you are now and take stock of your resources.

3.  Design an action plan that will move you forward in the direction of your goals.

The real brilliance of coaching is the support you receive while you do the work.


A coach will:

1.  Hold you accountable to your plan.

2. Ask powerful questions that help you clarify your thinking.

3.  Hype you up when your energy flags

4.  Cheer you on in your success.

Women Holding Hands

You can be the HERO in your own life story.
It's okay if you can't see the path yet.

We'll begin right where you are. 

Are You?

  • Lacking in self-confidence

  • Overwhelmed, stressed, unmotivated

  • Procrastinating, unable to make decisions

  • Going through difficult life changes

  • Struggling with fear

Woman Having Coffee

Coaching can help you

  • Define your vision for yourself and your future

  • Develop meaningful goals with a plan to achieve them

  • Understand yourself better and recognize your blind spots

  • Reframe negative self-talk

Your marriage is all but over.
What's next?

You're worn out and tired of shouldering this alone. You've exhausted your friends and family. You wonder if they even understand what you’re going through. 


This is a journey I'm very familiar with. While every situation is different, the chaos, stress, and overwhelm are universal.  A coach can support you through the road ahead.  

Coaching can help you

  • Become empowered to make the best decisions for you and your children.

  • Identify your limiting beliefs and toxic thought patterns that are keeping you trapped.

  • Learn to communicate effectively with difficult people.

  • Develop clarity about the future you want to create for yourself.

You got the job you’ve been working hard for.

Now you’re feeling a lot of self-doubt and wondering,
"Do I really belong here?

 Young Woman Contemplating

Coaching can help you

  • Identify the roots of your imposter syndrome and analyze your limiting beliefs.

  • Challenge the fear narrative you've created about your life, separating the facts from the feelings. 

  • Learn mindset changes that will deal with your feelings of inadequacy and build your resilience.

  • Develop confidence-building habits that move you towards fulfillment.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and transform your life?

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